Department of Pediatrics and Child Healt shows a large polar bear in the background with 4 stripes of colour, and a smaller bear superimposed in the foreground, also with 4 stripes of colour. The title Department of Pediatrics and Child Health , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is placed to the right of the image. The logo represents the Winnipeg Children's Hospital

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Pediatric Grand Rounds occur weekly throughout the academic calendar, and a accredited for Royal College MOCOMP Category 1 credits for group learning activities, based on live attendance at talk.  Attendance is either in person or by Zoom, with details provided through the Chair’s office. Recordings are available for review after the date of rounds.

Speakers at Grand Rounds include faculty within the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, as well as invited guest speakers from international academic institutions. For further information or comments, please contact the Chair’s office.

Previous Rounds

September 8, 2022

Melanie Morris, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery and Pediatrics and Child Health

University of Manitoba


Destiny Seymour

Anishinaabe Interior Designer

June 16, 2022

R3 Presentation

June 2, 2022

Can Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) Decrease Burnout and Medical Error? – A Research Study (R. Manji, Anesthesia, U Manitoba, B. Bolster, Psychology and Neuroscience, U of Winnipeg)

May 26, 2022

Intestinal Rehabilitation: The Long and the Short (J. Griffin, Pediatric GI, U of Manitoba)

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