Department of Pediatrics and Child Healt shows a large polar bear in the background with 4 stripes of colour, and a smaller bear superimposed in the foreground, also with 4 stripes of colour. The title Department of Pediatrics and Child Health , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is placed to the right of the image. The logo represents the Winnipeg Children's Hospital

Medical Records

Your child’s personal health information (patient medical records) is considered private and is treated with the strictest confidentiality by all members of our health care team. Everyone who works at Children’s Hospital, including students and volunteers, will respect your privacy and your child’s privacy.

We will only share your child’s personal health information with the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare team members who need it to provide them with care.

You have the right to view, request a copy, or ask for corrections to your child’s personal health information. You have the right to view your child’s personal health information to see what care we are currently providing your child. This may be limited depending on the age of your child and the type of information, as we also respect your child’s privacy.

If you are in hospital and would like to view your child’s personal health information, please ask your health care team members for assistance.

If you would like to view or request copies of information about your child’s care after your discharge, we will provide this opportunity to you as soon as possible. For more information, please contact see Requests for Personal Health Information.

You can find more information about your rights under Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), at the Manitoba Government website.

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