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Pediatric Medicine Residency (PGME)

Pediatric Residents in Winnipeg learn from a very diverse clinical exposure with a vast catchment area including all of Manitoba, Eastern Saskatchewan, the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut and Northwestern Ontario. Working with patients from a variety of ethnic populations, residents receive significant clinical exposure to urban, rural, immigrant, refugee, Aboriginal and Inuit pediatric health as well as a wide variety of patients with unusual pathology.

Rural and northern pediatrics experiences in Brandon and Thompson, Manitoba, and opportunities to accompany pediatricians to remote communities within northern Manitoba and Nunavut supplement a robust inpatient exposure on general Pediatrics wards with subspecialty consultants. This provides continuous exposure to patients from every subspecialty, all of which are represented at our university.

Protected educational rounds provide important didactic and experiential learning. Third-year residents are required to develop and participate in a collaborative health advocacy project with a local, national, or international perspective. Residents also participate monthly in peer-facilitated Ice Cream Rounds that focus on discussing and processing difficult situations that have been encountered during residency as well as learning to adapt to adversity and improving resiliency.


General Pediatric Residency Program policies, procedures and other documents:

Program Staff

Dr. Jayson Stoffman
Program Director; Director, Northern and Rural Education
[email protected]

Dr. Megan Cooney
Associate Program Director
[email protected]

Jebun (Batool) Nahar
Program Administrator
​​​[email protected]
(204) 787-2439

Carly Sutherland
Education Coordinator
[email protected]

Pediatric Lead Residents
[email protected]

Contact Information

AE405 Children’s Hospital, Health Sciences Centre
840 Sherbrook St
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg MB, R3A 11 Canada

Phone: (204) 787-2439
Fax: (204) 787-1938
Email: [email protected]

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